The x86 Emulator plugin for IDAPro

Description: This project is a plugin for the IDAPro Disassembler.  Its purpose is to allow a reverse engineer the chance to step through x86 code while reverse engineering a binary.  The plugin can help you step through any x86 binary from any platform. For Windows binaries, many common library calls are trapped and emulated by the emulator, allowing for a higher fidelity emulation. I find it particularly useful for stepping through obfuscated code as it automatically reorganizes an IDA disassembly based on actual code paths.

Beginning with version 1.0.0 the emulator supports Ida's new (Ida >= 6.0) Qt interface on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Download it here: ida-x86emu-1.0.9.tgz

Plugin Binaries only (current build with latest SVN sources: 09 Sep 2015):

Choose your IDA version (NOTE: do not rename the plugin when you download it)

The PGP public key used to sign these binaries may be found HERE.